China vs. Paraguay

Final result: 2:1

End of Second Half
92. min 2:1 China Hang Ren was cautioned with a yellow card.
88. min 2:1 Paraguay David Mendoza was cautioned with a yellow card.
82. min 2:1 Paraguay Néstor Ortigoza scored a goal (assist by Roque Santa Cruz)!
80. min 2:0 China Jiaqi Zhang replaces Zhi Zheng
78. min 2:0 China Zhipeng Jiang replaces Chengdong Zhang
78. min 2:0 China Hanchao Yu replaces Ke Sun
78. min 2:0 China Lisheng Liao replaces Lei Wu
70. min 2:0 Paraguay Julián Benítez replaces Marcos Riveros
62. min 2:0 Paraguay Gustavo Gómez was cautioned with a yellow card.
62. min 2:0 China Chengdong Zhang was cautioned with a yellow card.
59. min 2:0 Paraguay Cecilio Domínguez replaces Derlis González
55. min 2:0 China Lin Gao replaces Xu Yang
46. min 2:0 Paraguay Gustavo Gómez replaces Iván Piris
46. min 2:0 Paraguay Celso Ortíz replaces Silvio Torales
46. min 2:0 Paraguay Bernardo Medina replaces Joel Alberto Silva
46. min 2:0 Paraguay Néstor Ortigoza replaces Christian Ovelar
46. min 2:0 China Fang Mei replaces Xi Wu
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
18. min 2:0 China Lei Wu scored a goal (assist by Hang Ren)!
9. min 1:0 China Zhi Zheng scored a penalty!
Begin of First Half

China Chinese Football Association

Paraguay Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol

Helong Stadium

  • Opened: 1987
  • Capacity: 55000
  • Capacity intl.: 55000
  • Owner: -
  • City: Changsha
  • Country: China