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And here some links to recommended (mainly football) websites:

You want statistical information on Ukrainian league players or the clubs of Argentina? These guys have it all, and without them our site would probably be half as big.
Big Daddy of football, where you can get all the rosters for the world cup games. Not enough heroic Blatter pictures though.
The grand masters of statistics save you when you are in dire need of second round Angola cup results
Team infos for nearly all european leagues. How do they do Kazakhstan or Moldova? Great site.
By far the best site for international football line-ups, you need a password to access the database.
History of European national football teams
>Cool retro jerseys - wear football history!
Photos of even the most remote and unlikely national team players.
Very nice background information on national teams (including jerseys).
Anything you want to know about the players of the now defunct NASL, the predecessor of the MLS