Anguilla vs. French Guiana

Final result: 0:5

End of Second Half
83. min 0:5 French Guiana Warren Rino scored a goal (assist by Joël Sarrucco)!
80. min 0:4 Anguilla Kenny Williams replaces Girdon Connor
73. min 0:4 French Guiana Joël Sarrucco replaces Rhudy Evens
59. min 0:4 French Guiana Miguel Haabo replaces Thomas Issorat
57. min 0:4 Anguilla Glenville Allen Rogers replaces Matthew Brown
55. min 0:4 French Guiana Thomas Issorat scored a goal!
50. min 0:3 French Guiana Warren Rino replaces Orphéo Nalie
46. min 0:3 Anguilla Steven Austin replaces Carlique Gumbs
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
38. min 0:3 French Guiana Alex Éric scored a penalty!
29. min 0:2 French Guiana Joffrey Torvic scored a goal (assist by Thomas Issorat)!
15. min 0:1 French Guiana Jean-Eudes Lauristin scored a goal!
Begin of First Half

Anguilla Anguilla Football Association

French Guiana Ligue de football de la Guyane

Raymond E. Guishard Technical Centre

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  • Capacity: -
  • Capacity intl.: -
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  • City: The Valley
  • Country: Anguilla