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Here you can find statistics about all the national football teams of the world, and the tournaments they play in. Have fun clicking your way through the archive, talk to some other football fans on the forum and tell us if you find any mistakes.

Added Match Data2023-04-06

404 error and short vacation2023-04-06

Hi everyone. We are aware that half of the time you get a 404 error when you try to look at a player profile. This is extremely annoying, and the worst thing is that we don't know why this happens. So, so sorry. If you are looking for a quick workaround: The german language version of the site is still working as it should.
I will be gone for a short easter vacation, should be back next Thursday to tackle the last outstanding games from the end of march.

Added Match Data2023-04-05

Added Match Data2023-04-04

Added Match Data2023-04-03

Added Match Data2023-04-02

Added Match Data2023-04-01

Added Match Data2023-03-31

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Added Match Data2023-03-29

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