Grenada vs. Saint Lucia

Final result: 2:1

End of Second Half
90. min 2:1 Grenada Kevin Edwards replaces Kithson Bain
87. min 2:1 Saint Lucia Troy Prospere replaces Romiel Felix
73. min 2:1 Saint Lucia Cliff Valcin replaces Jamil Joseph
73. min 2:1 Grenada Shane Rennie was cautioned with a yellow card.
65. min 2:1 Grenada Kade Wellington replaces Henson Cuffie
48. min 2:1 Grenada Denron Daniel Frederick scored a goal!
46. min 1:1 Grenada Lisdon Jules scored a goal!
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
36. min 0:1 Saint Lucia Pernal Williams was cautioned with a yellow card.
33. min 0:1 Saint Lucia Jamil Joseph scored a goal!
Begin of First Half

Grenada Grenada Football Association

Saint Lucia Saint Lucia National Football Association

Victoria Park Kingstown

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 3500
  • Capacity intl.: 3500
  • Owner: -
  • City: Kingstown
  • Country: Saint Vincent & Grenadines